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Welcome to
Karika Kenya

KARIKA is an acronym of Kenyan Aged people Require Information, Knowledge & Advancement. This is a registered community based organization CBO, under the ministry of culture and social services in the year 2003, located in Dagoretti South Riruta location next to police station. 


To inform, educate and promote policies and practice to improve the quality of life of older persons.

To support ageing people in the community; to make them self sufficient and remove them from the poverty trap. It aspires to advocate on behalf of the ageing people to ensure a better future and to give them hope in life.


A community where older persons enjoy their life and dignity.

“To empower ageing people and give them a better quality of life”

Our Objectives

World elder abuse day
Objective 1
  • We mark and celebrate all older people international days.
  • We do community gatherings, theaters and drummers.
  • Print IEC materials e.g brochures, posters, T-shirts and banners etc.
  • We use media means to reach the unreached.
  • We do year ending parties and celebrate individual birthdays.
Celebrating International Women's Day 2021 - I Choose to Challenge
Objective 2
  • We do a lot in lobbying the Government.
  • We do forums and workshops on issues of older persons
  • We do short messages
  • Invites pro bono advocates, doctors, relevant Gok. Ministries, Researchers.
  • We do collection of data’s, fact finding, case study, print information materials e.g. fliers, posters and banners among others.
  • We do follow up on court cases.
Engaging the youths
Objective 3
  • We do age friendly income generating activities e.g. detergents/soap making, bead works and weaving activities.
  • We do resource mobilization, monitoring and Evaluation.
  • We do table banking
  • Group therapy, engage in story telling, singing and dancing. Educational tours,
  • We hold meetings where we bring youths together with the older persons for social justice education and mentorship (bridging the intergenerational gap).
  • One to one counseling and referrals.
Objective 4
  • We network and collaborate with all likeminded, in terms of the welfare of the older persons.
  • We host both local and international volunteers.
  • We promote internship.
Nutrition Support
Objective 5
  • We do basic home based care, nutritional support.
  • Distribute clothes kitchen necessities e.g. jikos, cooking pots, plates, cups. e.t.c.
  • We rescue and shelter the abused and abandoned older persons.
  • When one dies without any family support, or no one to claim, we facilitate burial expenses.
  • We promote educational support and memory book writing.

What you can do to Support Karika?

  • Adopt a Grandparent
  • Donate clothes
  • Donate funds for the feeding programme (€15 feeds 40 people)
  • Volunteer time to assist with teaching and training on sewing and tailoring
  • Donate equipment for example sewing machines, computers, mobile phones
  • Financial contributions
  • Provide housing/homes for the ageing
  • Pray for the beneficiaries of the programme
  • Sponsor a day out

Stories From Kenya

Susan Wambui Karanja

“My name is Susan Wambui Karanja. My age is 89 years now, my husband died long time ago. I am a beneficiary of Karika group. I got to know this group through a friend of mine who came to visit me in my house. She got me without food to eat and I had no tea to give her. As I was explaining her of my situation, she asked me if I know of a group that gives food to the older people at the chief’s camp. I said no then she directed me to go and find it myself. I joined the group in the year 2008 and I have benefited very much like the clothes that am wearing I got from the group. I have got blankets, food and when I fall sick they take me to the hospital.

Mary Wamari

“My name is Mary Wamari. I am 105 years old. I joined Karika in 2011. I have benefited a lot with clothes, food, spiritually and morally. In the group I used to do weaving and knitting. Am happy interracting with other people in the group, i would encourage others to join this group.


How we Work


We advocate for Ageing and HIV Aids Programme


We collaborate with organizations within and without the country to meet our joint objectives.

Capacity Building

We help develop capacity of the member organizations and the older people that we work with.

Karika Upcoming Events