Karika Kenya


KARIKA is an acronym of Kenyan Aged people Require Information, Knowledge & Advancement. This is a registered community based organization CBO, under the ministry of culture and social services in the year 2003, located in Dagoretti South Riruta location next to police station. the land in which we are located belong to the government of Kenya and we were located here by the Authority of the local leaders after we had been forcefully evicted by the landlords we used to rent their house next to K-REP BANK when they had a family land dispute in the year 2013.

Our Vision


A community where older persons enjoy their life and dignity.

“To empower ageing people and give them a better quality of life”

Digital Training


To inform, educate and promote policies and practice to improve the quality of life of older persons.

To support ageing people in the community; to make them self sufficient and remove them from the poverty trap. It aspires to advocate on behalf of the ageing people to ensure a better future and to give them hope in life.

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Our Believe

The aged gave us life – it is our time to give them the quality of life they deserve”

Our Objectives

  • Creating awareness in the community.
  • Advocacy on livelihood and social protection for both older people and grand children
  • Empowering the older persons in terms of information and age friendly income generating activities providing basic needs in their households.
  • Resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Networking and collaborations.