Karika Kenya

Our Work

KARIKA is an acronym of Kenyan Aged people Require Information, Knowledge & Advancement. This is a registered community based organization CBO, under the ministry of culture and social services in the year 2003, located in Dagoretti South Riruta location next to police station. the land in which we are located belong to the government of Kenya and we were located here by the Authority of the local leaders after we had been forcefully evicted by the landlords we used to rent their house next to K-REP BANK when they had a family land dispute in the year 2013.

Our Objectives

Objective 1
  • We mark and celebrate all older people international days.
  • We do community gatherings, theaters and drummers.
  • Print IEC materials e.g brochures, posters, T-shirts and banners etc.
  • We use media means to reach the unreached.
  • We do year ending parties and celebrate individual birthdays.
Objective 2
  • We do a lot in lobbying the Government.
  • We do forums and workshops on issues of older persons
  • We do short messages
  • Invites pro bono advocates, doctors, relevant Gok. Ministries, Researchers.
  • We do collection of data’s, fact finding, case study, print information materials e.g. fliers, posters and banners among others.
  • We do follow up on court cases.
Objective 3
  • We do age friendly income generating activities e.g. detergents/soap making, bead works and weaving activities.
  • We do resource mobilization, monitoring and Evaluation.
  • We do table banking
  • Group therapy, engage in story telling, singing and dancing. Educational tours,
  • We hold meetings where we bring youths together with the older persons for social justice education and mentorship (bridging the intergenerational gap).
  • One to one counseling and referrals.
Objective 4
  • We network and collaborate with all likeminded, in terms of the welfare of the older persons.
  • We host both local and international volunteers.
  • We promote internship.
Objective 5
  • We do basic home based care, nutritional support.
  • Distribute clothes kitchen necessities e.g. jikos, cooking pots, plates, cups. e.t.c.
  • We rescue and shelter the abused and abandoned older persons.
  • When one dies without any family support, or no one to claim, we facilitate burial expenses.
  • We promote educational support and memory book writing.